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Recommended for all bacterial, viral and fungal infections and more!
Detailed instructions and suggestions are available at this site or upon request for such. (info@natureal.co.za)

MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) and activator HCl

Benefits:  Goes to work fast on all bacterial, viral and fungal infections  .. and there are many more benefits for humans and their pets

Product Description: 1  MMS (chlorine dioxide)  and 1 HCl Activator. Please keep away from sunlight.
The content of Sodium Chlorite to distilled water is exactly 38.9%

Please note:
“Important Things to Know Before You Begin
Never ever use anything metal when mixing or storing or using sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite or MMS solution should never touch metal. Don’t stir with a metal spoon, or use metal bowls to mix, or metal containers to store—this includes stainless steel. Storage containers/bottles for MMS should have plastic lids, not metal, as the sodium chlorite will eventually eat through and corrode the metal. The metal starts eating into the lid and it starts dropping down in to your MMS. This will give you metal in your MMS and this is poisonous and you don’t want that. So use plastic lids. Be careful about this point, no metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing.”


Do yourself a favour and watch this movie!  It explains everything about this miraculous product. 

Water Purification with MMS for you and your pets
MMS1 for water purification: To treat plain clear water that you feel should be purified to eliminate disease pathogens, such as tap water from your tap, I suggest adding 8 drops of MMS (activated MMS) per 4 litres of water.
Count 30 seconds for the drops to activate then put the mixture into the water
Mix thoroughly, cover and wait for at least one hour before use
Keep in mind MMS does not eliminate the chlorine or the fluoride in your water but it will eliminate diseases

For smaller quantities of water, use less drops.
For 1 litre, use 2 drops of MMS with 2 drops of HCl and follow the above instructions.
Turpid (cloudy) water requires more MMS.  If you have a slight bit of turbidity, use 12 drops of activated MMS/HCL per gallon (4 litres).
A higher amount of turbidity requires higher amounts of MMS solution.
Use 12 to 24 of MMS drops or even more drops, for river water. This is something you will have to evaluate and do your best to get it right. In this case, it is always best to err on the side of too many drops than not enough.  A slightly bad taste resulting from the MMS (if you have to go higher) will not hurt you!


Straight From Product Creator Jim Humble:
Corona virus

Below are provisional steps one can take, a variation of my standard protocols and Health Recovery Plan, but something to try immediately in the case of ‘coronavirus’ until you can get the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Here’s my suggestion:

Important: MMS must be activated drop for drop with the activator

Mix the drops in a clean dry glass, count 30 seconds so the drops can activate—they should turn an amber colour.  After the 30-second count add 120-250ml of water, then immediately drink it down. (Do not leave this to sit for more than a few seconds, it must be taken immediately or it will begin to lose potency.)
To get to work on a specific condition, take six activated drops of MMS in 1/2 cup of water. Wait one hour, and then take six more activated drops in 1/2 cup of water. That may do it. You will know within two hours if it eliminated the condition by how you feel

What to do next depends upon how those first two doses made you feel. Follow these next directions carefully:

Step 1If you feel better after taking the two 6-drop doses of MMS, reduce your intake to 3 activated drops in 1/2 cup of water every hour for eight hours a day, until completely well.
You may want to continue this for up to 21 days to be sure you are free of disease and as an overall detoxification of the body.
Always take the MMS within seconds of mixing up the dose. Any time you should feel worse when taking MMS, proceed with Step 2

Step 2. Any time after taking MMS activated drops you feel worse, cut your intake by one half but do not stop hourly doses. If you still feel worse cut your intake by one half again, but continue with hourly doses.
Feeling worse after taking the MMS drops, such as showing signs of nausea, diarrhea or headache is actually a sign that you are ridding your body of toxins. It is called a Herxheimer reaction. It indicates you are destroying the disease, but you are just going too fast — the point is to go slow enough so as not to make yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable.

These suggestions are only to get you started should you come down with a life-threatening condition

You need the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for complete instructions. (jimhumble.biz)

Chlorine Dioxide is totally different from common household bleach!

Jim Humble: “Although the chemical formula for chlorine is “Cl”, the chemical formula Cl is also found in the chemical formula for chlorine dioxide (ClO2), and it is also found in the chemical formula for table salt (NaCl).

Because of the chemical nature of chlorine dioxide (MMS), it destroys harmful microorganisms at the same time, leaving behind only a few grains of plain table salt, discharged oxygen atoms, and dead micro-organisms, which the body can easily wash out of the system”

What is the difference between MMS and CDS?
CDS is only CLO2 gas in water.  It is nothing but water and chlorine dioxide after the gas saturates distilled water
When MMS (sodium chlorite) is activated for 30 seconds, only 10% of the maximum possible ClO2 gas is released
Stomach acid may further activate residual MMS. This does allow for a longer beneficial effect in the body as chlorine dioxide is produced
Some people find the residual MMS and acid activator can cause undesirable side effects from the Herxheimer reaction
CDS is better for intravenous use and can be applied in higher concentrations to the skin.This is the reason why CDS was developed
Many people still find MMS convenient and effective.  For those that have a problem with MMS, CDS is a great alternative
* ** *
We wish you abundant health!


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