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Q&A      Questions & answers

DIURETICS    Q: I wonder if someone can give me some advice? My mom is 95 and was given a water tablet by the doctor. Because it’s a diuretic, they also give her a Potassium tablet (Ultipot K) This causes frequent bouts of diarrhoea which makes her extremely weak.
I have looked at various types of potassium and they all seem to have similar side effects. I was wondering if there’s not a more natural supplement?

A: Lynn Soulcology: Tissue salt number 11 is called Nat Sulph known as the water eliminating tissue salt. It is thus the main remedy for water retention. It is also strongly associated with the liver and gall bladder. This tissue salt is essential for the proper digestion of sugars and starches and for the effective withdrawal of water from the cells. This tissue salt largely controls the healthy functioning of the liver; it ensures an adequate supply of free-flowing healthy bile, so necessary for the later stages of digestion. Nat Sulph ensures the disposal of toxic charged fluids and its importance in the treatment of rheumatic ailments is self-evident … and Potassium Phosphate (Kali. Phos.) is the ultimate nerve tonic in the family of biochemic tissue salts is Kali Phos commonly known as Potassium Phosphate. The tissue salt is a vital element of nerve and brain cells, muscles and blood cells and is indispensable to the formation of tissues. Potassium is vital for the nerves to function well and it is present along with albumen in the gray matter of the brain and a lack of this salt leads to  neurasthenic conditions such as  prostration, emotional irritability, insomnia, memory loss, vertigo, epilepsy, loss of mental vigor, menopausal mood swings, hysteria, depression, indigestion and  nervousness.

This great ‘nerve soother’ is specially suited to the young. Most parents have had to bear troublesome tantrums and hyperactivity in children. Kali Phos restores equilibrium and calm. Students or professionals suffering from nervous breakdowns, lack of concentration, tension headaches, or mental fatigue will also respond well to Kali Phos. This biochemic cell salt will benefit stress related problems such as nervous dyspepsia, sleeplessness or nervous exhaustion caused by trying to meet deadlines. It soothes when the brain is unable to relax and rest because of over stimulation, anxiety, or overexertion. In conjunction with the biochemic salt Mag Phos it helps treat shingles and nervous asthma. Kali Phos slows down and stops the decay of tissues and hence is invaluable as an antiseptic. Some biochemic remedies’ practitioners recommend it for gangrenous and ulcerous conditions and for suspected malignant growths. It is curative in eczema, gastric ulcer, typhoid, septic hemorrhages, diarrhea, and dysentery. It restores muscular strength post acute illnesses.

A deficiency of this brain and nerve cell nutrient is physically manifested in a grayish complexion and an unpleasant body smell. The tongue is coated with dark yellow and the least physical work causes the patient to break out in profuse sweating. Stress, clamour, mental or physical effort, and cold conditions exacerbate the symptoms and conversely mild movements, rest, and warmth

EAR FUNGUS:  Q: Good day I have a problem of itchiness in both ears and a yeast like odour of the wax which is sometimes blackish in colour this has been going on for many years I’ve had antibiotics from an ENT Dr which did help but only for a month or two then the problem came back This itching gets worse when I eat cheese, yoghurt or chillie.

A: Lynn Soulcology: This sounds like it could be Otomycosis which is a fungal infection in the ear. An otomycosis infection causes inflammation, dry skin, and a smelly discharge in the ear canal, this is an infection caused by a fungus. There are several different types of fungus that can cause this infection, but most otomycosis infections are related to Aspergillus species or, less commonly, Candida.  I have to ask how is your gut health and the sinuses?  Those with weakened immune systems can catch an infection more easily than others when they come into contact with a fungus or again it can rise up into esophagus and sines and ears if candida is overgrown in the gut. Also, people who live in hot or tropical climates are more likely to experience otomycosis, as fungi thrive in warm, damp places. Check your home does not have damp or mould in and visit Natureal’s website and do the fungus home spit test to determine the levels of candida in your body. Other risk factors that can trigger this include: trauma to the ear from hearing aids or cotton swabs, chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, having diabetes mellitus, participating in water sports, including swimming or surfing, swimming in contaminated water, lack of cerumen, or earwax, which suppresses bacterial or fungal growth and stops the ear canal drying out.  One of the causes of this can be smoking or overdoing puffing marijuana (as it dries the body fluids out).  I suggest do the fungus test if you do this every two weeks you will see it clearing. Eat pure organic food for 30 days no dairy, sugar or gluten. Take *Essiac herbal tea three times a day.  After each meal 1 x Natural Solutions Fungus Eliminate and 1 Natural Solutions *Candida Eliminate.  Mid morning 2 Natural Solutions *Blood Purify   (*Products stocked by Natureal)

FIBROMYALGIA:  CBD Oil.  As Fibromyalgia affects the central nervous system and protects the myelin sheath while reducing inflammation,. In terms of medication, might be a slight reaction with the Trepiline.  Regarding the  Serlife  …. we can assist reducing these and coming off the meds completely and just using the CBD/CO.  We have assisted numerous people successfully with this condition.  Then one needs to look at treating the   Candida which is attributed to causing the Fibies – we can certainly help with this too, in liaison with THE NATURAL SURVIVOR.

GOUT:  Q:  I’d like guidance with please:.  Gout attacks…
A: Lynn Soulcology ..Gout is often a signal that the liver needs cleansing and the body has high acidity meaning diet needs changing – it is a good idea for few months to detox and eat vegan. ( avoid alcohol). One could try Essiac herbal tea 3 times a day – Reduce acid with a alkaline powder – take a cup of milk thistle tea daily and  Liver Support 1 twice a day.  Some people with high inflammation can include  Anti inflammatory 1 twice a day with the liver. If there is a possibility of a liver fluke find a Rife practitioner who can muscle test this.

 KERATO ACANTHEMA (A common low-grade skin tumour that is believed to originate from the neck of the hair folicle)  Two routes to take .. both need NS Essiac Herbal Tea to help remove toxins take 3 times a day before meals  and NS Cancer capsules take 2 three times a day for blood purification and help remove cancer cells.  The quickest would be Black Salve on the area which would DRAW all the diseased cells up and out – about 3-5 weeks it is very painful but works    Or         Amish Drawing Balm to draw out the diseased cells it is a lot slower to work but little pain is experienced about 2-3 months

Colon Cancer:  Q: My wife was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 2018.  When she went for surgery to remove the tumor in August 2018, the cancer was at stage 2b.
Do you have an idea of what she can use instead of chemotherapy? She still has blood issues, she has gone for blood transfusion once in March 2019. Now she is complaining of pains around the kidneys

A: Lynn:  I feel do the fungus test on Natureal website as this is often the root cause of colon issues and is possibly still present.  For now build Up the hemoglobin and oxygen in the blood by taking 2 tissue salts number 4 (Ferrum Phosphate) 5 times a day.  The Essiac tea 4 doses a day and Natural Solutions for Bladder and kidney take 2-4 hourly until pain has lessened then alternate hours reducing down to 2 three times a day.  Once less pain is present,  incorporate the Cancer remedial herbs and if needed the fungus eliminate herbs

HEPATITIS A:  Emotional work is very important – otherwise we can clear the physical body but if we don’t change the thinking it can just mutate and change into another form.  Contaminated water – pretty much all SA tap water.  Clean the water with MMS, available from THE NATURAL SURVIVOR – it’s inexpensive and really easy.  Hep A is viral – look at foods that don’t cause inflammation – for a good few months revert  to plant-based eating.  Dairy, meat products . all create inflammation due to herbicides, hormones etc which are going into the cells from these foods. Anything genetically modified creates inflammation so support organic markets, health shops where you can. Avoid  GMO’d or gluten foods.  The grains which we have found to be bland and which don’t seem to affect the body adversely, are MILLET (which makes a beautiful breakfast porridge) with almond or coconut  milk. Gluten-free spelt (now available at Checkers), spelt pasta – very affordable and very bland. There’s a grain called ENKORN, very bland. Go for the organic foods. Drinking lots of clean water is highly important for helping the body.

The Natsolve products I would recommend :  Essiac Herbal Tea as it eliminates diseased cells in the body.  Then after each meal – VIRUS ELIMINATE and LIVER SUPPORT  (which has all the liver herbs in it. It boosts up the blood cells in the liver to help with rejuvenation and clears out the toxins.  Also Tissue Salt no 11 is for toxic liver and helps hepatitis 2 five times a day for a few weeks

LIVER DETOX :  Q:  Help for someone with early morning nausea, pain over liver area, skin rashes over groins and coccyx.  Patient fluctuates from constipation to loose stools. Also dysmenorrhoea and symptoms are worse pre-menstrual.

A: Lynn advised: Could be liver fluke and parasites. And or Possible fungus film over liver – when nausea has eased maybe she could do the fungus test.  Probably High acidity in body – check and alkaline Biosil have this. BSR treatment as gentle release for coccyx will help.  Glass of celery juice a day.  With the nausea the liver cleanse could be too much for now.  Better to go gentle with diet and Essiac Tea. Charcoal to help eliminate poisons and it helps nausea I normally do high doses of this say 4 hourly until 5pm.  Make sure the charcoal is pure without lactose.  Once this has eased then she could do a Natural Solutions Parasite Cleanse and see a RIFE practitioner to check Liver Fluke.  Include then: 1 cup of milkthistle tea a day;  2 natural solutions Liver Support twice a day.  The liver does affect hormone balance but we can sort that out once liver is happy.

MEDICATIONS – switching to natural products.  Here is some helpful advice :  One should never come off pharmaceutical drugs suddenly as this may shock the body.   As things improve, one can slowly reduce medications.  This should be done with the guidance of a knowledgeable health practitioner.

MMS Protocol: Please see at the bottom of this page detailed information on taking wonderful MMS ****

ROULEAUX:  Conditions which cause rouleaux formation include infections, multiple myeloma, Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia, inflammatory and connective tissue disorders, and cancers. It also occurs in diabetes mellitus and is one of the causative factors for microvascular occlusion in diabetic retinopathy. The person can do Essiac Herbal Tea to help eliminate toxins.   NS Blood Purify for 3 months.  A good probiotic,  not fermented.  I would recommend a parasite cleanse and to check fungus levels in the blood.  Also take tissue salt number 4 which feeds oxygen into the blood stream.  Vegan plant based eating.  Stop sugar, alcohol and coffee while healing

Rouleau Implications:  ♦ Digestive Imbalance / Intestinal Stress  ♦ This is the worst stage of protein linkage and indicates hyperviscosity (“thick blood”). This stems from either excess dietary protein or from an under-active exocrine pancreas (low proteolytic enzyme production)  ♦ Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis  ♦ Eating the wrong foods for the blood type, e.g. wheat consumption by type O’s, beef consumption by type A’s, etc.  ♦ Food sensitivities  ♦ Intestinal dysbiosis (deficient probiotic bacteria)  ♦ Can be an indication of severe degenerative disease  ♦ Other causes may include: stress, coffee, cigarettes, carbonated caffeinated drinks, excess meat and refined sugar  ♦ Zeta potential may be off (inflammation, over-acidity and increased protein level in blood)  ♦ Dehydration, not drinking enough water.

THRUSH (ORAL):  A: Immediate help … rinsing with colloidal silver or MMS.  Check the stomach as often overgrowth of fungus can cause this – do the Fungus Test.  What is the urination like ? Painful or stubborn or even incontinence which is then showing bacteria infection or yeast infection in the bladder/kidney.  Very often gut health affects the whole body.   Reminder:………      the human body is an organic body and when it is trying to rejuvenate and recover through the natural  immune system within, which is incredible. If inorganic substances are put into the body, it is going to try and eliminate these and thus focus goes off the healing process.  So it helps, certainly for the healing time period, to become vegan or even vegetarian. Avoid, at all costs, sugar. Real raw honey is great, coconut sugar is also good. Nothing processed and absolutely no gluten (it is acid-forming in the body). When we’re healthy and we go for a pizza or have a little treat, the body is able to clear out the harmful elements .. but when we are not well that only hampers and ends up blocking the whole healing process.

Lots of organic fruit and vegetables is fantastic. The fruit has fructose, not processed sugar and is really good for you. Everything in moderation – rather don’t go extreme on any one item. Celery juice is great for a healing of the gut, cleaning out of intestinal lining, for flushing out the liver and purifying the skin. But then it must be taken as a remedial so you literally juice it, drink it. Don’t add anything or put in the fridge for later as it would then lose its remedial quality. “Let food be thy medicine”  It really helps the healing process on all levels.  Lynn Pretorius: Natural Solutions



*** MMS information    Activated MMS generates chlorine dioxide.
In 1999 the American Society of analytical chemists proclaimed that chlorine dioxide is
the most powerful pathogen killer known to man.
• MMS should be kept out of the reach of children
• Never leave MMS in direct sunlight; the heat may cause the bottle to rupture.
• If you spill full strength MMS to your skin, it should be washed with water within
10 seconds or it will cause mild burns.
• Your eyes are extremely sensitive to MMS and should only be exposed according to
• Never use MMS at the same time as Vitamin C as they will neutralize each other. It
is best to wait at least one hour between taking vitamin C. and MMS.
If you are giving MMS to others, always demonstrate how to use the solution correctly.
Explaining how to use MMS is not good enough, people do not understand when you
explain only. Show them the exact procedure and then let them do it themselves.
It is important to demonstrate, or problems may occur later.
Antidote for too much MMS:
If a person overdoses on MMS, he or she should take at least 1000 mg of Buffered
Vitamin C. This will neutralize the action of the MMS. If a person consumes more
than half a teaspoon of pure MMS it will be necessary for them to drink lots of water,
with one half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda added, as soon as possible.
Activating MMS with Hydrochloric Acid (HCL).
HCL is the main constituent of gastric acid. In other words, HCL is the same acid that
is produced by your stomach. It is best not to smell the solution before drinking it, the
smell is worse than the taste.
The activation procedure
Using the dropper bottle place the required number of drops of MMS into a clean
empty glass. The ratio of MMS to activator is 1 to 1. When using one drop of MMS use
one drop of HCL activator, if you use two drops of MMS use 2 drops of HCL activator
and so forth.
Once you have both the MMS and activator in the glass swirl them together so that they
are fully mixed. Begin to count to 30. At 30 seconds add about 120 ml (1/2 glass) of
distilled or purified water. You can use organic non-citrus juice, but I prefer using the
water because there is no chance of interfering with the activation. Drink the activated
solution immediately. If you do not drink it immediately it will begin to lose its
MMS Protocols
The Starting Procedure
The starting procedure must always be undertaken before moving to the more
advanced protocols such as Protocol 1000. This procedure will assist you because
starting with higher doses may cause a Herxheimer Reaction (Detoxification) and you
may feel quite ill. Starting gradually is very important because you don’t want to detox
too quickly. MMS begins to oxidize pathogens and toxins immediately. These toxins
may build up in your body faster than they can be excreted and you may feel very ill
and even have vomiting and diarrhea. Your body gradually becomes used to MMS and
you will be able to transition comfortably to the advanced protocols. By beginning with
the Starting Procedure, you should not experience the detoxification reactions.
Day 1
On day 1 you should begin by taking ¼ of a drop every hour for 8 hours. How do you
take ¼ of a drop? Activate 1 drop of MMS (1 drop MMS and 1 drop activator) in a dry
clean empty glass for 30 seconds and then add ½ cup (120ml) of water or approved
juice. Pour ¼ of the mixture 30ml into a different glass and drink it. If you would like
you can add a little more water max 30 ml to it. Discard the remaining 90ml. Make a
new mixture every hour. It is best to drink the solution within 60 seconds.
Day 2 and 3
On days 2 and 3 the dosage is ½ a drop every hour for 8 hours. Follow the instructions
for day 1 but and pour off ½ of the mixture (60ml) and drink the other half.
Day 4
On day 4 you step up the dosage to ¾ of a drop every hour for 8 hours. Follow the above
procedures of activation and adding ½ a cup of water or approved juice and pour off
30ml and drink the remaining 90ml of fluid.
Day 1
¼ drop 8 times per day.
Day 2 & 3
½ drop 8 times per day.
Day 4
¾ drop 8 times per day
You have now completed the Starting Procedure. On day 5 you begin Protocol 1000.
If you are very ill, then begin with 1/8th of a drop every hour for 1 day and then
proceed with the Starting Procedure.
If you are used to taking a maintenance dose of MMS, then you may want to skip the
Starting Procedure and go onto Protocol 1000. If you are not used to taking MMS or
have not taken it for a few months, then it is best, to begin with the Starting Procedure.
What is the best time to take a maintenance dose of MMS?
The best time to take MMS is just before you go to bed. The body needs rest to heal, so
having a rest after taking MMS helps with the healing process. Another point is that
when you are sleeping you do not feel the detoxification reactions (Herxheimer
reaction). Quite obviously if you’re taking more than one dose per day, you just must
do your best and rest as much as possible.
The maintenance dose
For maintenance, begin with two drops of MMS activated for the 30 second period with
HCL Activator. Work your way up to six drops. Maintain six drops every day for older
people. Young people only need six drops twice a week. Most people will not need to
work their way up from two drops but may begin at six drops without any nausea.
Only very toxic people will feel nausea and or experience diarrhea if they begin at six
drops. Here you need to use common sense, realizing your health condition. Remember
it is always wise to err on the side of caution.
PROTOCOL 1000 is taking 3 drops of activated MMS each hour, for 8 hours a day, for
3 weeks. However, many people cannot start taking that many drops and should start
with only 2 or even 1 drop an hour. This is determined by how sick they are, to
begin with. If one is feeling very sick then start with 1 drop an hour or even 1/2 drop an
hour, but then begin taking more if you feel that you can. The rule is, if you feel that
the drops are making you feel worse, take less and if they are not making you feel worse
then take a few more the next hour, but never more than 3 drops an hour.
The way you accomplish activation is to add 1 drop of 50% Activator for each drop of
MMS that is in your glass, swirl or shake to mix, wait 20 seconds, then add 1/4 to 1 glass
of water or juice and drink.
Do not use orange juice. Do not use juices with added vitamin C or ascorbic acid
added. Do not use concentrated juices that must have water added to them. Fresh
juices are best.
If you don’t want to make up a single dose each hour, you can make 8 doses in the
morning, and keep the solution in a closed container all day. Just follow the above
instructions multiplying all the figures by 8 and then put that liquid in a closed
container. Take 1/8th of it each hour. Don’t worry the MMS will last hours longer than
is needed.
Now, these are the important instructions you must be sure to follow: You must not
make yourself sicker than you already are: Do not cause yourself a lot of nausea, or
pain, or diarrhea. When you notice any of these symptoms coming on take less MMS.
Try not to stop taking MMS, just take less. Go from 2 drops an hour of activated MMS
to one drop an hour. Or if you are already taking one drop an hour, then take one 1/2
drop an hour, or even one 1/4 drop an hour. Do not cause yourself diarrhea if you can
avoid it by taking less MMS. Pain, diarrhea, nausea and other discomforts cause loss of
energy, which in turn causes slower healing and slower recovery. On the other hand, try
to increase the number of drops you are taking until you are taking 3 drops an hour,
but do not go over 3 drops an hour. CONTINUE THIS UNTIL YOU ARE WELL.
Here is how you carry your 8-hour dose with you instead of having to activate it hourly.
Take a glass liter bottle; divide it into 8 equal parts and mark. Mix 24 drops of MMS
and 24 drops of 50% Activator. Swirl or mix for about 20 seconds. Fill the bottle with
water and you will have 3 drops of activated MMS per line. Take 1 dose hourly.
NOTE: This activated bottle of MMS will last up to 5 days in the fridge. We have found
that if you activate the MMS and it does not come into contact with a pathogen the
chlorine dioxide is not released.
The Herxheimer (detoxification) reaction
It took many years for toxins to build up in your body, as these toxins are removed from
your system, so they must be eliminated through one of your eliminative organs such as
the liver, kidneys, or skin. As this process takes place, you will often, experience flu-like
symptoms, or nausea, and in serious cases diarrhea. When this happens, it is important
to reduce the number of drops of MMS by half. If you are taking 8 drops of MMS drop
back to 4 drops for a few days, the nausea will disappear, and you will feel far better as
you continue the program. I have had cases where people have had nausea from just
one drop, it is important to realize that if you feel toxic, or have diarrhea, or any
adverse reaction that it is merely the release of toxins. It is important that you drop
back the number of drops but continue until you feel much better. Once you have gone
through the Herxheimer or detoxification reaction better health awaits you. When
taking MMS or any other detoxification system always drink adequate amounts of
water so as to flush your body of toxins.