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CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)  Water and Body Purification Drops (200ml)

This is a standardized saturation 4%  @ 3000 ppm.
Please be sure to refrigerate.
Please replace the cap quickly so that the product does not lose potency.

Description:  CDS is an already-activated form of MMS  – Jim Humble’s formulation  (Miracle Mineral Solution)

Important note:  Chlorine Dioxide CLO2  – is NOT the common cleaner, Chlorine Cl.   This mis-information has been used to put people off taking this wonderful miraculous product!!!! ????????????????????????????

Contents:  200 ml ready – to – use as water and/or body purification drops.  Just add  drops to a glass of water according to the accompanying instructions
Purify your water and important too : add a touch to all pets’ drinking water
Just as with MMS (which converts to Chlorine Dioxide once activated),  this product may be ingested orally


Characteristics of Chlorine Dioxide
1. Chlorine dioxide is a yellow gas that dissolves quickly in water without
altering its structure
2. Chlorine dioxide is obtained by the mix of sodium chlorite and diluted
hydrochloric acid
3. Chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in water is an oxidant.
4. Chlorine dioxide is pH-selective: the more acidic the pathogen, the
stronger the reaction it creates
5. According to toxicological studies by the EPA (U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency), chlorine dioxide does not leave any residues nor
does it accumulate in the body over time
6. During the oxidation process, it turns into oxygen and sodium chloride
(common salt)


Advantages of Chlorine dioxide
• Bactericidal effectiveness with pH values between 4 and 10
• Chlorine dioxide is clearly superior to chlorine in the destruction of
spores, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms in an equal
residual base
• The contact time required is lower for ClO2
.• Chlorine dioxide has better solubility
• No corrosion is associated with high chlorine concentrations, reducing
maintenance costs in the long term
• Chlorine dioxide does not react with NH3o NH4+.
• It destroys THM precursors (Trihalomethanes)
• ClO2 destroys phenols and does not leave a distinct odour



Sampling of customer feedback which may help others:

“I have been drinking CDS and also taking cotton discs and using it undiluted on the eczema . I have been using a very diluted amount in a spray bottle for my nose and after brushing my teeth. I swoosh a couple of drops of CDS diluted in water around in my mouth. Teeth seem to be getting whiter too”

Further information:  It should be noted that chlorine dioxide itself is an oxidizer, and not itself the “cure”.  It effectively damages and eliminates harmful cells, cleansing the body of elements that are causing sickness, therefore allowing the body’s healthy cells to be able to do their jobs properly – helping the body to cleanse and heal itself
The chlorine dioxide itself will not become toxic; it turns into regular table salt inside the body within 2 hours after consumption

Recommended dosages: In a glass of 120 – 240 ml water, add 1 ml (10 – 24 drops) of CDS.  One can use more water – this should be taken fairly soon as the CDS dissipates over time.  Start on a low dosage and observe body response to guide you on if or when when to increase the dosage.

Drinking water:  * Purify your drinking water    * Purify your pets’ drinking water.  CDS is used in municipal water purification systems. It’s really easy!

How to purify 1 gallon  (3,78541 litres) of water with CDS:   Add 1 cc (24 drops) of your CDS to a gallon of water.  Allow this to stand for 5-10 minutes

Administering CDS:  Jim Humble, the man who developed MMS, recommends that patients who plan to follow the MMS/chlorine dioxide protocol at home do so with great care and study. His website offers books on the subject that would be valuable for individuals looking to work with chlorine dioxide as a cancer treatment

1. Feeling better? Don’t change anything. Continue with what you’re doing
2. Feeling worse? Reduce dosage or stop for a few days
3. Not getting better / not getting worse?  If there are no signs of improvement, do the next increase or explore another protocol

What to avoid while taking CDS: (within  2 hours before and after)  –   Anti oxidants such as  Vitamin C as such  substances can render the CDS ineffective. Mixing in a little kombucha or lemon juice (freshly squeezed) helps

What is the difference between MMS and CDS?
CDS is only CLO2 gas in water.  It is nothing but water and chlorine dioxide after the gas saturates distilled water.
When MMS (sodium chlorite) is activated for 30 seconds, only 10% of the maximum possible CLO2 gas is released. Stomach acid may further activate residual MMS. This does allow for a longer beneficial effect in the body as chlorine dioxide is produced.
Some people find the residual MMS and acid activator can cause undesirable side effects from the Herxheimer* reaction. It is a sign to give the body a break and stop treatment for a day or few and then start again on a very low dose …. then gradually build up to the desired dose, taking care not to stress the body.
CDS is better for intravenous use and can be applied in higher concentrations to the skin.  This is the reason why CDS was developed.  It allows for the complete removal of residual reaction by-products and the production of a pure chlorine dioxide gas in solution.
Many people still find MMS convenient, just as effective, affordable and they do not experience digestive problems, but for those who do have a problem with MMS, CDS is a great alternative.
*Herxheimer effect explanation
Herxing, herxheimer reaction is a common detoxification response of the body to the increased toxins released during a treatment for pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or candida. Herxheimer reaction is also common when dealing with toxins removal protocols. When you have a herxheimer reaction, it means that the amount of toxins released into the circulation is more than what your body can safely handle. The high level of toxins put a lot of stress on internal organs, especially the colon, liver and kidneys that are involved in filtering toxins in the body.

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any condition. If unsure, please check with your natural health practitioner

“Important Things to Know Before You Begin

— Never ever use anything metal when mixing or storing or using sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite or MMS solution should never touch metal. Don’t stir with a metal spoon, or use metal bowls to mix, or metal containers to store—this includes stainless steel. Storage containers/bottles for MMS should have plastic lids, not metal, as the sodium chlorite will eventually eat through and corrode the metal. The metal starts eating into the lid and it starts dropping down in to your MMS. This will give you metal in your MMS and this is poisonous and you don’t want that. So use plastic lids. Be careful about this point, no metal with MMS sodium chlorite solution, either for mixing or for storing.”


Note: Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

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    I have been adding this to my water feature to keep the water fresh and my four cats won’t drink water from any other receptacle. Needless to say, they are beautifully healthy!

  2. rechelle.momsen

    Why is this product not in dark brown GLASS bottle ???

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